As the Ikkatsu Project has progressed, both Steve and I have learned a great deal. About tsunamis and the way that ocean currents work. We’ve learned about plastic pollution and its effects on the marine environment. We’ve gotten a crash course in film production and all the things that work and don’t work through the … Continue reading



The showing at the University of Puget Sound well well last night… 80 people (give or take), and a good cross-section of young and old, students and the general public. I was surprised and heartened to see how many of those who attended had an understanding of the problem of marine debris and a real … Continue reading

What we are doing, and why we are doing it


“Like standing in a landfill.” That’s how some sources are describing Alaska beaches choked with debris from the 2011 tsunami. I can’t help but wonder what we’ll find this summer when we get to Augustine. There’s a disconnect that bothers me a little as well, between the amount of debris that is accumulating and the … Continue reading


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