Earning our wings


We got our chopper yesterday. It’s a DJI Phantom quad-rotor flying machine that’s going to give us all the aerials we didn’t get last year on our Roadless Coast expedition. It’s truly amazing, the way this technology moves; it’s hard for an old man to keep up sometimes. We did our first test flights today, … Continue reading



We’re down to the last 2 days of the funding campaign. That’s it… two more days. We’re a long way from our stated goal, but it’s not getting us down. How could it? We’ve had a great run these past couple of months, showing “The Roadless Coast” to thousands of people, from Forks to San … Continue reading

And then there was one…


The showing in Bellingham went well. The Pickford was a great location and the people who came out for the show last night were knowledgeable and engaged… a good time was had. Now there’s just one more showing to go and it’s going to be a great one. Next Tuesday, March 19th, 6:00pm at the … Continue reading


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