Interesting times


There is an ancient and apocryphal Chinese curse that says something the likes of: “May you live in interesting times.” Not sure if it has any basis in fact, but that’s not really the point. The point is that interesting times come with interesting problems… we would, perhaps, prefer a life of sedentary ennui, but … Continue reading

The South side


There are two beaches in particular that have stuck with me from the Roadless Coast expedition and both of them are here on the Makah reservation in the upper left-hand corner of the country. When I can manage the time, I like to come back and see them, see what changes have been made by … Continue reading

Third Beach


I took the northern road to Westport for the Surfrider Summit. Along the way, I stopped in at Rainshadow Coffee in Sequim to pick up some tasty joe for the weekend, then headed out toward La Push. I say “toward La Push” because I only went down as far as the parking area for Third … Continue reading


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