Found in translation


There were several fishing floats that we came across on the beaches of the Alaska Peninsula that had Asian writing on them. Although I don’t understand Japanese, Chinese or Korean, and often find it hard to distinguish between them, there are other clues to look for when trying to determine the country of origin for … Continue reading

Back out there


Steve and I are leaving this morning to go back out to Neah Bay. We’ll be going back to two of the beaches we surveyed this past summer to reassess the debris that is there and to see what kind of changes have developed in the intervening months. With the storms we’ve been seeing lately, … Continue reading

24 Hours in Port Angeles

Type 6 debris

Steve and I went up to PA earlier this week for a couple of days worth of presentations and workshops related to the incoming tsunami debris. The featured speaker was Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer, the man who literally wrote the book on the science of ocean currents and the way that flotsam travels across the sea. … Continue reading


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