Finishing up

The first two days of the Tacoma Shoreline Survey are in the books; one more to go. I’ve made a couple observations so far that are worth noting: First of all, there is a significant amount of Tacoma’s shoreline that has been hardened with bulkheads and riprap, essentially creating a barrier between the aquatic and … Continue reading


Tacoma Shoreline Survey, Day 1

Starting the Tacoma Shoreline Survey today, with the first section beginning at Titlow Beach and going through the Tacoma Narrows to Salmon Beach this afternoon. In addition to the actual counting, I’m planning on measuring the total amount of Tacoma waterfront that has been hardened and modified from its natural state by bulkheads and riprap. … Continue reading



Well, the first paddle of the plastic bottle SUP went well. (That thing needs a name, doncha think? Something other than “plastic bottle SUP.” Think about that.) On the down side, it seems to flex a bit more than I’d have liked. I could still tighten that up… we’ll see. The other thing I should … Continue reading


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