Talking across the pond

I got an email a week or two ago from Joe Kennedy, who runs public relations for a UK recycling outfit. He asked me a few questions about the plastic bottle boat, marine debris and the mission of the Ikkatsu Project and the result is an interview that was  posted on his organizations web site … Continue reading


Quick turn

Not spending much time at home this month… Just got back and we’re out the door again tomorrow, this time for Yachats, Oregon, and this year’s Northwest Surfrider conference. I’ve never been to Yachats and I’m looking forward to it. Surfrider has been a partner with the Ikkatsu Project since we started and it’s a … Continue reading


Where we’re at now

The first portion of the Tacoma Shoreline Survey was completed yesterday with two surveys being done on the northeast shore of Commencement Bay. I’ll have preliminary results in the next few days and when the second half of the survey is completed in the fall, it should give us a good baseline as to how … Continue reading


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