Had a breeze of 5-10 knots on the tail all day. So, even though current didn’t do a whole lot for me after I got past Point Defiance, I still made pretty good time. It was a day of rain, one squall following another for the whole time I was on the water. So, the … Continue reading

Catching the tide


Spring weather is one big environmental identity crisis. One day can be warm and pleasant and the next might feel like January: cold, wet and dishrag gray. Last weekend, at the start of the expedition, the weather was sunny and postcard blue but today is another matter entirely. I’ll be leaving from Salmon Beach in … Continue reading

The southiest


After spending 15 hours on the Hyas yiem over the past couple of days, I have a few observations: First off, she’s not a speedy craft. If you’re looking to make a fast getaway, it would be wise to keep looking. Second, she’s not built for going against the wind and current. I spent most … Continue reading


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