• Ikkatsu is a Japanese word that means "together" or "united as one," a concept that is illustrated perfectly by our oceans and the fact that, rather than separate us, they serve to bring us all together. The Ikkatsu Project is dedicated to exploration, education and advocacy in the service of the ocean. Our blog, with the most recent entries displayed on this page, is an ongoing report on issues related to marine pollution, as well as an update on Ikkatsu Project activities. Our other pages (listed above), provide information on the various aspects of our mission and provide ways that you can be a part of the project as we continue on into the future. Your feedback is welcome.

    There is then, no water that is wholly of the Pacific, or wholly of the Atlantic, or of the Indian or the Antarctic... It is by the deep, hidden currents that the oceans are made one.

    -Rachel Carson


Catching the tide

Spring weather is one big environmental identity crisis. One day can be warm and pleasant and the next might feel like January: cold, wet and dishrag gray. Last weekend, at the start of the expedition, the weather was sunny and postcard blue but today is another matter entirely. I’ll be leaving from Salmon Beach in … Continue reading


The southiest

After spending 15 hours on the Hyas yiem over the past couple of days, I have a few observations: First off, she’s not a speedy craft. If you’re looking to make a fast getaway, it would be wise to keep looking. Second, she’s not built for going against the wind and current. I spent most … Continue reading

photo copy

Where we’ve been; where we’re going

I wanted to make sure I followed up on the promise to post the sailing schedule for the Hyas yiem, leaving tomorrow from Priest Point State Park near Olympia and heading north toward Bellingham. The itinerary is listed here in a paragraph or two but first, I just want to say a few words about … Continue reading


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