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  • Ikkatsu is a Japanese word that means "together" or "united as one," a concept that is illustrated perfectly by our oceans and the fact that, rather than separate us, they serve to bring us all together. The Ikkatsu Project is dedicated to exploration, education and advocacy in the service of the ocean. Our blog, with the most recent entries displayed on this page, is an ongoing report on issues related to marine pollution, as well as an update on Ikkatsu Project activities. Our other pages (listed above), provide information on the various aspects of our mission and provide ways that you can be a part of the project as we continue on into the future. Your feedback is welcome.

    There is then, no water that is wholly of the Pacific, or wholly of the Atlantic, or of the Indian or the Antarctic... It is by the deep, hidden currents that the oceans are made one.

    -Rachel Carson

Do you feel lucky?

The drawing for St. Augustine, an original watercolor by Todd Fischer, is scheduled for this Saturday, September 6th. There are still tickets left and at $5 each, you are only one draw away from having this incredibly intricate and striking painting hanging above your hearth. Framed with repurposed beach timber and ready to hang, this … Continue reading


In the movies

When I made the P.I.G., the plastic bottle paddleboard, there was a student film crew from UW Tacoma that filmed the process and put together a short documentary (<5 minutes), about the process. It’s online now… thought I ought to mention it. It’s a lot of me talking (doesn’t that guy ever shut up?), but … Continue reading


Talking across the pond

I got an email a week or two ago from Joe Kennedy, who runs public relations for a UK recycling outfit. He asked me a few questions about the plastic bottle boat, marine debris and the mission of the Ikkatsu Project and the result is an interview that was  posted on his organizations web site … Continue reading


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