• Ikkatsu is a Japanese word that means "together" or "united as one," a concept that is illustrated perfectly by our oceans and the fact that, rather than separate us, they serve to bring us all together. The Ikkatsu Project is dedicated to exploration, education and advocacy in the service of the ocean. Our blog, with the most recent entries displayed on this page, is an ongoing report on issues related to marine pollution, as well as an update on Ikkatsu Project activities. Our other pages (listed above), provide information on the various aspects of our mission and provide ways that you can be a part of the project as we continue on into the future. Your feedback is welcome.

    There is then, no water that is wholly of the Pacific, or wholly of the Atlantic, or of the Indian or the Antarctic... It is by the deep, hidden currents that the oceans are made one.

    -Rachel Carson


The public record

Steve is back in Alaska until the middle of August at least. We did have the chance to get together during the time he was home, however, and were able to discuss a few different options for the next project. One idea is to find a way to go back to Newfoundland and tell the … Continue reading


The Next generation

The Hyas yiem was a fine craft and it got me from Olympia to Bellingham in style. I’m not exactly sure what comes next for her but right now she’s in storage, hanging out of the weather, just waiting. The thing is, that’s a heavy boat and difficult to move, at least when it’s out … Continue reading



As the discussion grows down at City Hall about Tacoma enacting a reusable bag initiative that will include a ban on plastic grocery bags, the question has arisen about just how much debris is on city beaches. The implication being made by those who oppose any moratorium on plastic bags is that these items are … Continue reading


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